Frozen Cocktail Pops


Perfect for parties, pools, and patios! Chill. Open. Enjoy.

Snow Pops are easy to freeze, easy to drink, boozy slushie popsicle sticks.

The three flavors are:

Blue Velvet

Blueberry and acai.

SnowPops by Snow & Co. Blue Velvet

Mango Unchained

Yep, you got it. Just mango.

SnowPops by Snow & Co. Mango Unchained

Pink Lady

Just like a cosmo with cranberry and citrus flavors.

SnowPops by Snow & Co. Pink Lady

You can get our famous Snow Pops at your favorite liquor stores in Kansas and Missouri. You can also swing by and get them at our store in Westport during our hours of operation.

Suggested retail is $1.99 per popsicle.

6.7 percent alcohol by volume. Made in Kansas City, USA.

You can find Snow Pops in the following Kansas liquor stores and establishments:

Brown Bag Liquor
Bryant Liquor
Buckley’s Wine Market
Callahan’s Retail Liquor
Cork and Bottle
Devlin’s Liquor Store
Grand Slam Liquor
Harry’s Liquor Store
Jac’s Liquor
K-7 Liquors
KC Wine & Spirits
Lionsgate Wine & Spirits
Mass Beverage
Metcalf Discount – Located on 135th
Missie’s Discount Liquor
Nespor’s Wine & Spirits
On The Rocks Discount Liquor
Rimann Liquors of Len.
Rimann Liquors of P. V.
Roy’s Wine and Spirits
Zipz Spiritz 127th